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  • Ai Beite Electronic Technology
  • Shenzhen ANEWBEST Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a manufacturer of solder dross recovery system and automatic intelligent laser soldering robot in global market.

    ANEWBEST has a group of professional, focus, trustable, full of craftsmanship and high-quality technical team. We could be innovative in the rapid development of science and technology world, be competitive in the ever-changing globalization environment, due to our focus in technology breakthrough - for any industry, is the major topic and continuous value in nowadays. 

    The Solder dross recovery system, ANEWBEST is insisting on pure mechanical, physical with low melting temperature (280.C) and liquidity way for recovery more than 10 years. This is also the safe, environmentally friendly and effective solder dross recycling method. ANEWBEST has been successful in helping the electronics industry, the major well-known enterprises to directly reduce the waste of more than 75%, saving more than 90% of resource consumption, cost savings of several hundred million dollars.

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